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RailPros Field Services is uniquely positioned to address issues surrounding on-site railroad operations coordination/Roadway Worker In Charge (RWIC) services. Our senior management staff has been in the railroad operations and railroad construction business for more than 30 years. We have been providing qualified on-site roadway worker in charge (commonly called railroad flagman or railroad flagging) for more than 13 years.

RailPros Field Services ensures that all our on-site staff (most of them retired track and signal staff) have extensive railroad experience. Our team is kept up-to-date with each railroad’s rules class qualifications and are required to submit daily work reports, providing extensive client communication and service.

Additionally, RailPros Field Services uses GPS-enabled devices for continuous monitoring of all field staff locations and movements. In addition to obvious safety and operations improvements, the GPS location information ensures accurate reporting and billing for our clients. RailPros Field Services is committed to reliability and accountability for our work.

Responsible, Professional and Ethical

RailPros Field Services offers on-site support for track and signal construction, track maintenance, third-party installations, and inspections. We also provide RWIC support for third-party contracts such as grade separations and utility crossings, railroad track, signal, and bridge improvements, emergencies, and other needs.

Our trained and qualified RWIC staff can rapidly mobilize to a new location and can provide maximum support for your operation.

In addition, we regularly test and audit our staff, conducting regular conference calls, on-site meetings and inspections to ensure our staff provides the best service possible. RailPros Field Services supports manual development and training for on-track construction activities. We also train track workers, supervisors, and managers, covering such topics as basic railroad maintenance, track inspection, CWR inspection and maintenance, FRA track safety standards, and railroad design.

If your railroad is in need of our services and unsurpassed expertise, give us a call at (877) 315-0513 or Contact Us to find out what we can do for you.

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